Andrew & Brenna


Abigail is my constant. We’ve been together since before we were born, we call ourselves “wombmates.” I consider Abigail my sister. Our friendship is special in that it has stood the test of time through all 


Like a lot of our friends, we met Jamie dancing at East Nashville's legendary Motown dance party. It rubbed off on her, and now she and Andrew own Shindig Mafia, which throws the best jazz era parties in town. She's the Boss Lady at The Mafia and a boss lady in general. 


"Trav" is 366 days older than I am. He is my original co-producer. He's always tried to make his friends laugh. We drove to Hollywood together in 1999 to make it big.  Since second grade we've been making art together:

finding. I am honored to have Shelby and her husband Joe in our wedding and our lives!

the euphonium, a wind instrument with a tone as ineffable as Cody. ​Brenna is very proud of all his hard work.


For most of my childhood it was just Joseph and me before my other siblings came along. Now he's a top notch chef and father of my precious nephew. I admire Joseph's quiet generosity, culinary creativity, and unshakeable loyalty

Emma Jean

My Scorpio sister! Our hearts are so connected. This woman is adventurous and ambitious and is a force to be reckoned with. Emma Jean went from the wise student in my literature class to my roommate to a friend that I never want to lose. 


CCooper has a unique role in our lives. It is a true honor and inspiration to have this strong woman in my life. She is the “Boss Lady” I aspire to be. There are a few people in my life who push us to be all that we can be; ​​Cooper is high on that list.

He's been a staff photographer for Amazon and worked on many feature films. I'm so happy you're here, Father of Light.


We first met Deanna out swing dancing. Before we knew it she was on the board of the Swing Dance Foundation working to make things better. In her spare time she throws a packed weekly swing dance at Nashville's newest jazz club. She raises money for non-profits

I could not imagine getting married without Nessa’s illuminating soul there to fill the room. I am thrilled to have her there with me on this special day.


I'm lucky to have two younger brothers, and both are great guys. Nakota's birth marked my coming-of-age years. Nakota grew up around continuous construction and now – guess what – he's a project engineer

During the day she manages properties to throw the authorities off her trail. Jamie is thoughtful, hilarious, and will charm your socks off.

I am thankful to have such a kindred spirit.

Here's our wedding party and key players.  

We wrote a little something

about these special people in our lives.

to his friends and coworkers. I'm really excited to have my next oldest brother in my wedding.

who has worked on a hotel in Nashville, an office building in Franklin, and a hospital in Denver. He loves the outdoors, friends, and his dog Odin. Oh, and out of the three brothers I think he's the sweetest on our Mom.


Like Travis, Jesse is my brother-of-a-different mother. In fact, all three of us drove to Hollywood to strike it big together. He loves the same things I do: light, deep space, adventuring, and fiery explosions. He's an incredible photographer. 

Cooper and her husband Ian are “Framily” and I am so happy to introduce them to you!

the thick and thin. Abigail is a strong, beautiful, creative soul. I am proud to call her my maid of honor!

while managing to teach yoga. She uses her rad non-profit, social media, and leadership skills for the good of others. This generosity is what she's all about.


Cody is Brenna’s Irish twin. They shared and did everything together most of their lives. Cody has a quick mind and sweet heart. You’ll soon hear his wit and grace as he takes on the role of MC at our wedding reception. Cody received his Master’s degree in music performance and plays 


DJ Roquemore is another friend we met on the dance floor. He's a musician, artist, and explorer. He loves all things made well and beautifully. For several years he's been the DJ at Shindig Mafia parties as well as crafting the look and feel of these events. 

drawing, sculpting, and making our friends do ridiculous things on camera. Now he's created and co-stars in his own television show in its second season on CMT. 

James is a brother to us. It's a huge gift and pleasure to have him curate the reception at our wedding.


Nessa is my cousin, but primarily she is my friend. I love this woman so much. I treasure our friendship that is full of laughs and profundity. Nessa has a special place in my heart because the time we spend together is always rich and memorable. ​

at my proposal, even providing the cover story. Jeremy is my friend and mentor and one of the most generous human beings I've ever met.


An algorithm brought us together when Jeremy answered my Craigslist post for a roommate. I guess that's perfect for this tech startup founder. He was the first person to tell me I was an idiot to let Brenna get away. He was present


Shelby and I found each other studying abroad in Spain. We immediately became inseparable and quickly made up for the many years of friendship it seemed we already had. Shelby is one of those “golden” friends that not everybody has the fortune of