Andrew & Brenna

2012: My first memory is of Andrew dressed completely in white in a dark bar. The dark bar was 5 Spot at the famous Motown Mondays where we both went dancing regularly. We had probably met before that night and maybe even had danced together. But can you guess why I remembered him this night? Yeah, he was dressed all in white in a dark bar. For some reason, Andrew did this very purposefully. Who knew it was to get the attention of his future wife? After the bright white night his clear crush on me became stronger; too bad I was dating someone at the time. So he had to wait. And he did. 

Some time passed and I was single and we were dancing at the 5 Spot again. This time our dance ended with a kiss and the night ended with an email. 


I woke up the next morning to the sweetest email I’ve ever received:

Then Andrew received the sweetest email he has ever received…

Just kidding, I forgot to respond. Whoops!

2013: I’ve gotten better at responding to emails since then. During that first year Andrew and I spent more and more time together because the time we spent together made us both happy. Nine months into the year we realized we were “dating.” In the same breath I warned him I was going to San Diego in a year and nothing was getting in the way of that. He was cool with that. Andrew always keeps his cool, even if he is freaking out inside. It took me a while to figure that one out.

2014: Another year goes by and, as promised, I head off to San Diego. Long distance is fun. Every time we saw each other it was a special occasion. We had the opportunity to miss each other all the time. You may think I am kidding about it being fun but Andrew and I had a lot of fun. We would book flights without telling each other and show up in mysterious ways. One time a mutual friend of ours who lived in San Diego asked me over to have coffee. I knocked on her door and Andrew opened it with roses, chocolate, and Thai food. No friend Jess and no coffee. My brain hurt for a while. It was hard to even look at Andrew because he was so real, but what was happening felt so unreal. So, you know, fun things like that. It was amazing, but also presented challenges and opportunity for growth. And that is exactly what we did. We grew closer together by being so far apart.

2015: We made it through a year of long distance. Then I asked Andrew to come rescue me from my tower and slay my dragons, which he did without hesitation. Did I mention he drove me across the country twice!? Andrew is truly loyal, selfless, and protective. It must be the oldest brother in him.

So, three years in and Andrew and I decide that we are probably serious about each other and we are very happy with that conclusion. Halfway through the year I was hearing the wedding bells… Andrew apparently needed his ears checked out. Turns out, I was clueless on the front end and he was more clueless on the back end. So it goes.

Later in the year I was sitting around with Andrew’s family reading letters his grandmother Louise or “Dinky” had sent to his grandfather Virgil or “Granddaddy.”  This was a special and inspiring moment. It was special because I was getting to know Louise and Virgil. This is important because Virgil and especially Louise had extremely important roles in Andrew’s life. I felt that without knowing them I would not fully know Andrew. It was inspiring because I could relate to Louise in her letters. She was petitioning hard for Virgil to FINALLY pop the question. They were young and she was impatient. She tried every approach in the book to persuade him to hurry up or else… I decided I would take after Louise. I liked her style.

2016: ANOTHER year goes by, if you catch my drift. Andrew is simultaneously in love with me and dodging atomic “hint” bombs from me. You can thank Andrew for how long this story is, which I hope you are enjoying. Andrew had to avoid using phrases such as “I’d like to make a proposal,” and he got a lot of flashes of my empty ring finger. I even tried threatening to move to China like Louise did to Virgil.

Meanwhile, Andrew was not as clueless as it had seemed. He was quietly prepping to be the best version of himself that he could offer. If you have known Andrew long enough you will learn he does things when he is ready. Another thing about Andrew is that when he believes in something he goes all the way. I tried to tell him it didn’t have to be perfect, but it was. It was absolutely perfect.


THE ACTUAL night of the kiss,

believe it or not.